Heart of Orleans Business Improvement Association

The leadership at the Heart of Orleans BIA was new and filled with great energy! They needed a hand with a marketing strategy to fulfill their inspiring new vision for the business area.

Fulfilling an inspiring new vision for a community’s business area

The strategy for the Heart of Orleans Business Improvement Association (HOBIA) was inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the Executive Director and volunteer board. They are all extraordinary leaders and dedicated businesspeople committed to the success of the area.

We facilitated a number of consultations: with BIA members and staff, the Orleans community, and Ottawa residents, at-large. We reviewed existing, long-term plans for expansion and improvement of the shopping area and analyzed other environmental factors.

The result was a highly actionable and exciting long-term strategy the builds on the strengths of the area. Even objectives that were a stretch at the start have been easily integrated into the campaign.

We were excited to publish the first issue of The Beat in December 2016 and are looking forward to monthly issues coming out in 2017, including a double-issue in the summer featuring travel and leisure in Orleans.