How to communicate a complex social message to attract exactly the right folks?

Uniterra selected Communicarium to partner with them on a recruitment campaign that was unlike anything they had done before.

The message we developed was simple and clear: relatable, grounded and actionable.

So exciting to see the campaign build and grow over time.

Kanata North Business Association

How can a Technology Park best share its successes?

By telling their stories
By engaging in dialogue
By bringing the community to life through photos

We shared the amazing statistics from a comprehensive research project and communicated them in a way that’s fresh, easy-to-follow and visual.

Kanata Food Cupboard

Rebranding to build awareness and support – and to get results

We created a long-term strategy to build engagement with more community members than ever before.

Together, we worked to deliver a campaign that was fresh and fun yet urgent and professional.

Heart of Orleans Business Improvement Association

The only constant is change and that’s certainly true for this community at the east end of Ottawa that has grown exponentially in sophistication and innovation.

Communicarium was selected to lead their long-term marketing strategy, applying creative thinking and new ways to engage their public.


How to celebrate 50 years of success?

For over 50 years, JobTrain has bee providing career training and support to people who want a better life. Communicarium was brought on to ensure that the next 50 mean more success for more people who are struggling with lack of employment opportunity. We delivered the video to support their #MoveTheNeedle campaign to get more people connected with training that can bring them new opportunities.

First Words

First Words provides an incredible service to the community. The dynamic team is always looking for ways to better serve parents and we worked with them on these projects.

In their desire to make a better experience for families, they went one step further and created an online questionnaire so parents can get the guidance they need regarding their child’s speech and language development.

Pelee Entertainment

Creating an online presence for this growing entertainment company to reflect its brand of professionalism, creativity and high quality.

Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

How do you get the public informed and excited about pharmacare?

Communicarium worked closely with CFNU to create public information materials, including their popular interactive maps for financing policy and pharmacare. Making sense of health statistics has never been more fun!

The drive of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions to make a positive difference in the lives of Canadians is inspiring. Each year they release reports, watch trends, promote political actions and continue to build the community of nurses and citizens who care about health.

We worked closely with them on their new brochure. We are pleased to have worked with them on a number of their biennial conventions, creating the logo and other branding materials.

TEDx Kanata

Ideas worth spreading…
TEDx Kanata is now in its third year and we are thrilled to be a part of it, as members on the organizing committee and in creating the look and feel each year.