About Us


Communicarium is a boutique marketing and communications agency.


Communicarium is an award-winning, full-service communications and marketing company that specializes in working with organizations to bring their vision to life. Our tagline – the playground for serious communications – says what we’re all about: We partner with you and take a creative, inspiring, and highly effective approach to planning and implementing strategic messaging and outreach.

We believe in the value of strategy and an integrated vision to breathe life into your mission and goals. While the media landscape may change, the message must remain focused and true. We integrate traditional media approaches with social and digital in their various forms, using them to their greatest benefit and effectiveness.

We’re good listeners and we see the world in a progressive way – and, we spend a fair amount of time “sharpening our tools”. We think a lot about where culture, business, communications, marketing are headed and we meet your audiences there.

We use our time-tested best practices to create success and positive change in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. We have a culture of inclusion, diversity, discussion, engagement and participation.

We work with you to create and build your brand to shape your vision for your organization’s present and future, creating solutions and taking you to new heights. We combine the best of coaching and management consulting with marketing and communications strategy and application.

We love to strategize with you on big picture ideas before rolling up our sleeves to get the work done.

Our services include:

  • Communications and marketing strategy and implementation
  • Brand development
  • Video development and production
  • Website development and design
  • Graphic design
  • Market research

Communicarium: The playground for serious business communications.


Heidi Lasi

An award-winning writer and producer, Heidi brings 25 years of experience to her work as a management consultant and marketing communications expert. Known for her outstanding results, she excels at collaborating with you, her client, to bring out your best.

With a handpicked team, Heidi works to create memorable, customized branding and highly effective marketing communications. From wide-angle lens planning to the tiniest of details, Heidi and her team deliver value and excellence.

Ariane Izzotti

The keen sense of colour, style, and language Ariane possesses is what makes her such an asset to the team. She brings experience and a refreshing perspective to all she does, curating content that is attention-catching, engaging and compelling and tells your brand story to your audiences.

With a business degree in marketing and strong analytical skills, Ariane has the expertise to develop and implement the strategy that will help you to reach your target market and fulfill your business goals.

In addition to her work in marketing and communications, Ariane is an artist –  which shows in the creative work she produces on behalf of our clients.




Amanda DeVries

Collaborative. Creative. Considerate. These are just a few of the words that pop into mind when describing Amanda. A few more? Professional. Gifted. Inventive. Oh, you want alliteration? Here you go! Experienced. Excellent. Extraordinary. 

Getting the picture? Amanda’s fantastic to work with, keeps her eye on the latest graphic design and technological trends and works as an integral part of the team to get marketing results for your organization, for your product, for you. 

Amanda brings a strong technical foundation to her creative design work, based on her background in engineering. Her formal education includes a B.A. in Applied Science from the University of Waterloo, an M.A. Sc. in Electronics Engineering from Carleton University and a Certificate in Graphic Design from Algonquin College. 


Communications is all about people, when it comes right down to it. It’s about listening, talking, creating dialogue – that’s the fun of it and that’s why we work in this business. Whether you are a client, contractor or staff person, you are valued at Communicarium and your professional opinion is valued. We put people first.


At Communicarium we have an environmental policy. It’s to create the most effective yet sustainable communications for you. When we print, it’s on recycled paper with the FSC certification. Lots of our work is online or digital. We’re human and we have an environmental footprint. At Communicarium, we try to minimize that as much as possible while maximizing your impact.


A percentage of our profits go to non-profits and charities each year. In 2017, as in years past, we are supporting research on breast cancer (we love our moms, sisters and BFFs and want to keep them with us forever) and work in the area of social justice and health (for our neighbours here in the ‘hood and around the world). We support programmatic work as well as the other costs that must be covered to keep an organization running smoothly, efficiently and professionally.



Clients, past and present, include:

  • Heart of Orleans Business Improvement Association (BIA)
  • Kanata North Business Association
  • West Ottawa Board of Trade (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Kanata Food Cupboard
  • JobTrain
  • First Words
  • Community Forward Fund
  • Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre
  • Family Ties Cleaning
  • PIP Animation
  • Pelee Entertainment
  • Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU)
  • prohockeymindset
  • Renaissance Repair and Supply
  • Chartier Physiotherapy
  • Balance Relaxation Therapy
  • Bradley Hiscock McCracken Law Firm
  • Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Saw Video Association
  • The Sierra Club of Canada
  • St. Mary’s Home
  • JetForm


  • #GetHighered / #Engage-e campaign for Uniterra, Platinum Award for Excellence in Digital Branding and Marketing, 2017
  • WAMM Film Festival, Maryland, Producer/Director, The Oasis Affair, 2015
  • Hamilton Film Festival, Producer/Director, The Oasis Affair, 2014 – nominated for Best Documentary
  • L.A. Femme International Film Festival, Producer/Director, The Oasis Affair, 2014
  • Waterwalker Film Festival, Producer, Paddle Quest, 1999
  • Vancouver Effects and Animation Festival, Producer, Buns Baby, 1999
  • Canadian Cable Awards, Producer, The Bytowners, 1996
  • TVO Telefest Awards, Best Writer, Trenton Nation, 1995